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Aguacate relleno de atun December 30, 2010

Aguacate relleno de atun: This is a simplified version of a favorite Mexican dish with one scooped out fresh avocado half, and chunk light canned tuna mixed with pineapple salsa.

This recipe uses a homemade low-sodium, low-fat version of tuna salad from this delicious Mexican dish by mixing canned light tuna (in water) with salsa without adding any mayo, salt, or cheese. The creamy avocado flavor with the savory taste of the tuna and salsa makes for an incredibly satisfying flavor. Nutrition bonus: this dish is a good source of potassium, vitamin E, vitamin K and folate.

Try it at Home: Aguacate Relleno de Atún

1. Slice and remove skin from one ripe but firm avocado. remove the pit and use the hollowed out center as a bowl for tuna/salsa mix.

2.Brush avocado with a splash of lemon or lime juice  (to keep avocado fresh longer- you just need a few drops)

3. Combine 1-2 tbsp chunk light tuna with 1 tbsp salsa of your choice. (I used Newman’s Own All Natural Chunky Pineapple Salsa).

4. Top with a spring of fresh cilantro.

Dish works well as a snack or appetizer or pairs nicely with a salad or tortilla soup for a delicious meal. You can use both avocado halves to make 2 servings or save the other half of the avocado to use the next day in the fridge or for later use in the freezer.

Serving Size: 1 stuffed avocado half. Nutrition Info (approximate values will vary with exact portions used) Calories per serving: 220 kcal. Fat: 15 g (2g saturated, 13g unsaturated). Sodium: 187 mg. Potassium: 587 mg.


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