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Peel Appeal: Red Bananas November 4, 2010

Red Bananas: A different taste of a fruit favorite

Bananas are among my favorite fruits. They are portable, sweet, filling, and taste amazing with chocolate, oatmeal, or cinnamon. And they come conveniently wrapped in their own natural packaging. Normally, this packaging (a.k.a. the peel) is yellow…

As you can see however, this is not always the case. I stumbled upon some red bananas recently and decided to give them a try. Here is what I found:

Food Profile: Red Bananas

Taste: I had read that red bananas have a hint of raspberry mixed in with the banana flavor but in my tasting I didn’t notice that this was the case. The flavor was definitely a little bit different than a standard yellow banana but this difference was very subtle.

Nutrition: Nutritionally, red bananas are almost identical to yellow bananas. Bananas are an excellent source of Vitamin B6, and a good source of Vitamin C, and Potassium. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, vitamin B6 is needed for amino acid (protein) metabolism and red blood cell formation, and potassium is a mineral that many of us in the U.S. need more of to help balance sodium intake.

Where to find them: I found this bunch at Whole Foods. There are two Whole Foods locations within walking distance of Tufts. The closest one is near Boston Ave. on Mystic Valley Parkway. The one I stopped at was near the Alewife T station.

My Take: The difference in taste is only slight but I think this banana would be a great one to serve to guests if you’re trying to make a meal something extra special. They have a flavor that pairs especially well with dark chocolate if you are serving them for dessert. I would also buy them again for myself just for variety’s sake. It’s a fun way to shake up a very familiar food.


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