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World Famous Chefs Visit Tufts May 1, 2011

This Tuesday, May 3rd, Wolfgang Puck, Daniel Boulud, and Dan Barber will be stepping onto Tufts’ campus for a panel discussion and brunch! Tickets for the brunch sold out within an hour of going on sale (clearly these chefs have a lot of fans on campus) but the panel discussion is open to all of Tufts community and does not require a ticket.

Photo courtesy of Yuri Chang. Pictured: a few members of TCS e-board (Yuri, Andrea, Alix, Lai Hau, and Jon) with Daniel Boulud.

Come listen and meet the chefs:
The panel discussion will start promptly at 11am in Barnum 008. Get there early to get a seat!

More details about the event, presented by Tufts Culinary Society, can be found here: Click here for the facebook event.
Sponsored by Tufts Culinary Society, Tufts Dining, The Experimental College and Tufts Programming Board.

Thank you to Alix Boulud for working so hard to make this event happen!


Bhakti Yoga Club Indian Cooking Lessons April 14, 2011

Every other Thursday night this semester, Tufts students can get a refreshing look into Indian cooking through a free class offered by Bhakti Yoga Club with support and promotional help from Tufts Culinary Society. Taught by a couple who enjoying sharing what they have learned about healthy, wholesome eating and living, the “BEST cooking classes” teach students how to properly wash and prepare delicious vegetarian meals. After cooking, everyone eats together and often enjoy and engaging discussion. The next session is tonight! Check out the BYC email describing tonight’s class:

A dish from last time's event (Thanks to Lily Black for the iphone photos!)

The Tufts Culinary Society and Bhakti Yoga Club at Tufts jointly present the next session of  BEST cooking class on Apr 14 (THURSDAY).

The theme for this session is North Indian. The menu comprises the following:

* Tapioca pulao
* Mango lassi (a delicious yoghurt drink)

Venue: Carmichael Hall Kitchen
Time: 7:15pm

This is a FREE event. To help us organize the event better, we would appreciate if you could simply reply to this email with subject “Register for Cooking Class” or submit your information using the following link:


Dishes & Dips: 3 Healthy Meals with TCS April 6, 2011

White Bean & Artichoke Dip

Dishes & Dips

Join  Tufts Culinary Society E-Board Members Josh Kapelman and me for a FREE demonstration as we cook up 3 easy, quick, and healthy meals. Just some of the items on the menu: healthy spinach dip, grilled shrimp, chicken, and hummus wraps!


Thursday, April 7 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm.
On the menu tomorrow night: -Grilled shrimp dish paired with white bean artichoke dip and fresh endives -BBQ chicken dish paired with delicious hot spinach dip -Pita Wraps with Roasted Veggies and Cilantro Hummus

Space is limited please email to register and for location details.


Tufts Healthy Week April 1, 2011

Check out the great events taking place next week (Monday, April 4th through Friday, April 8th) for Tufts Healthy Week presented by Public Health at Tufts (PHAT).

Healthy Week Events


TCS & Tufts Dining Meat Workshop with Chef Justin February 27, 2011

Along with explaining the differences between various cuts of meat, Tufts Dining Chef Justin teaches students to make an endive and radicchio salad with fresh parmesan.

Present: February Meat Workshop

Last Thursday, TCS & Tufts Dining Services teamed up to bring students a hands-on cooking learning experience led by Dining Services Chef Justin. This session’s topic: meat. Students were introduced to flank steak, hanger steak (the Chef’s favorite), New York Strip, and–the surprise of the evening–cow’s cheek. Grilling, searing, and braising methods were just a few to be discussed. Justin also discussed grass vs. corn-fed beef and the environmental and cooking implications that go with each kind. Students sampled one grass-fed and one corn-fed variety of two identical cuts of meats (prepared identically) and were challenged to guess which was which.

Justin gave students cooking tips throughout the evening and got them involved in the cooking process. Meats were sampled throughout the demo and at the end of the evening, everyone sat down to a delicious dinner.

Healthy Eating in Hodgdon January 25, 2011

The post below is a guest feature from Brent Abel (Tufts ’13), Vice President of Tufts Culinary Society:

Nutrition Tips for Hodgdon: Convenience with Health

With 15 minutes left till your next club meeting and a stomach begging for food, you walk into Hodgdon searching for the most compelling food options that add-up to just the right sum of money. But as you glance at the lines for burritos and Chinese, does good nutritional value always pop into your mind? Here are some quick tips for getting the most at your Hodgdon run, at least nutritionally-speaking:

Mexican: Add refried beans or black beans and sautéed onions and peppers to your creation for a more nutritious meal. Freshly-diced tomato and the pico de gallo can boost the nutritional value of your meal as well.

Chinese: Enhance the nutrition quality by adding a side of vegetables. Though the fried rice has fewer calories and more vitamins, the lower fat and sodium content of white rice make white rice a healthier option as a starch, especially if paired to a side of vegetables.

BBQ: One of the most underrated locations for nutritious, satisfying food. Take advantage of the roasted white meat chicken, baked sweet potato halves, and other fresh options offered daily at this station.

Italian: Look for the daily pasta specials: sometimes they contain a lot of vegetables to offer a healthy Italian option.

Lunches: Do not overlook the delicious daily lunch special that offer lean proteins with tons of vegetables. The fresh mozzarella and tomato half-sandwich is another great option for a nutritious lunch on-the-go.

Sandwiches and Wraps: Choose a wheat roll for a healthy option.  Boost the nutritional value of your creation by adding fresh vegetables like sliced tomato, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, bell peppers, and shredded carrots.

Salads and Soups: Be aware of the hidden fats and sodium in salads, like cheese, olives, canned baby corn, and especially salad dressings. Hearty broth-based soups and chili can be both nutritious and satisfying during the cold winter months.

Drinks: Fruit juices and Gatorade have a lot of sugar. Try Crystal Light to reduce calorie intake or skim milk to bolster the nutritional value of your meal.

Breakfast: Low-fat yogurt and instant oatmeal provide healthy options for a quick breakfast.

Snacks: Opt for extra pieces of fruit and carrots rather than sugary snacks you may regret later on. Packages of sunflower seeds are low in sodium and offer a healthier alternative to chips.

For more information on the nutritional value of foods offered at Hodgdon, check out Tufts Dining Website.


Where to Find It: Brown Rice Sushi November 22, 2010

Alix with her Miso Soup

Tufts Culinary Society (TCS)  E-Board members went out for dinner at Snappy Sushi in Davis Square last night.  I love sushi so I would have been excited if we were going to any sushi restaurant but from a nutrition perspective I have to point out something that I especially love about Snappy Sushi: brown rice.

If you’ve ever tried to make your own sushi (Ben and I did last winter break) you will have probably developed an appreciation for how difficult it can be to make the rice look clean-lined and perfect the way it is served in a restaurant. White sushi rice is usually preferred for use because it is easier to work with and is the traditional rice used in sushi dishes.

Alexandra with her Tuna Tar Tar

Snappy Sushi brings you the best of both worlds, great tasting, beautiful sushi and the health benefits of brown rice (which is a whole grain).  I’ve had brown rice sushi to-go from Whole Foods before as well. I haven’t seen many other places serve it. If you know of more, please share them!

Tuna Tar Tar