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Carrot Cinnamon Smoothie January 22, 2012

Carrots Smoothie- topped with Cinnamon & Ground Flax

Carrot Cinnamon Smoothie
with Strawberry & Mango

Serves 2

-4 oz 100% carrot juice
-3 large frozen organic strawberries
-1 fresh banana
-1/2 cup almond milk
-1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
-1/2 tsp cinnamon
-dash of turmeric

-dash of cinnamon
-pinch of ground flaxseed
-a few carrot shreds (optional)


1) Blend until smooth.

2) Top with ground cinnamon and ground flaxseed.

Nutrition Highlights: This smoothie is high in Vitamin A. Carrot juice is lower in sugars than many fruit juices and is used as an accent to the fruit and calcium-containing almond milk. Cinnamon and turmeric have valuable anti-inflammatory properties, adding to the health value of this smoothie without tarnishing the refreshing taste. Turmeric pairs well with sweet and tangy mango and cinnamon pairs well with the the radiant carrot flavor.


Greek Yogurt Study Snack December 14, 2010

Greek Yogurt Study Snack

Greek Yogurt Study Snack

It’s finals week for me… which means I won’t pick up on regular posting until Saturday.

I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite snack of the day however: FAGE non-fat plain Greek yogurt scooped onto a bed of frozen strawberries (slightly thawed) and topped with a dusting of cinnamon and turmeric. The was the best not-guilty pleasure food I’ve had all day. I let the strawberries thaw for about 20 minutes at room temperature before adding the yogurt so they would be soft enough to blend with the yogurt when I stirred everything together before taking the first bite. It was so deliciously creamy and satisfying but (unlike some of the other things I’ve had today) was also a wonderfully nutritious, low cal study snack.

Nutrition Highlight: While non-fat, plain Greek yogurts are among the healthiest foods in the dairy aisle, the kinds with added fruit usually don’t add the fruit alone. Instead, these often add extra sugar and a fruit syrup of some kind. There are still plenty of healthy qualities (like high calcium and protein) to these fruity Greek yogurts but to optimize the nutritional value of your snack add your own fresh or frozen fruit to plain yogurt instead. You’ll get all the flavor without going too sweet.


Healthy Dessert 3: Sweet Cinnamon Turmeric Plantain November 15, 2010

Pan-Fried Sweet Cinnamon Turmeric Plantain

Pan-fried Sweet Cinnamon Turmeric Plantain: Add ~1tsp olive oil to pan and set at medium to high heat. Slice a fresh, ripe plantain and add slices to pan. Top with powdered cinnamon and turmeric and just a dash of brown sugar or honey. Go easy on the turmeric, which gives the dish the bright yellow color and is a strongly anti-inflammatory spice. The fresh ripe plantain actually started off with a mild yellow color with an almost peachy hue.

Learn more about plantain (which is similar but not the same as a banana) and how to use it in one of my all-time-favorite smoothies here.