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Guanabana Coconut Smoothie June 21, 2012

Ripe Guanabana & Coconut Milk Smoothie

Guanabana Coconut Smoothie
with white mushroom & banana


– 1/4 package of Frozen Guanabana Pulp

I used Goya 100% Guanabana Pulp. Goya is often found in a separate freezer aisle from the rest of the frozen fruits.

– 1/2 frozen banana
– 1 handful sliced white mushrooms

Look for the kind that provide 100% DV of vitamin D. Only mushrooms that are exposed to UV light synthesize vitamin D. Check the label to see if your brand provides it.

– 1 cup calcium fortified coconut milk

From the refrigerated section. Such as Silk Pure Coconut- go for the unsweetened

-Dash of cinnamon


Blend until smooth. Serve fresh.


Blackberry Hazelnut Smoothie December 11, 2011

Blackberry Hazelnut Smoothie

Blackberry Hazelnut Smoothie
with raspberry & peach

Changing up your smoothie base provides flavor and nutritional variety. This smoothie uses Pacific Natural Foods Hazelnut Non-Dairy Beverage. The hazelnut drink base is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin E and an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D, and riboflavin (vitamin B2).

Serves 2

-Handful organic  frozen blackberries
-Handful organic frozen peach slices
– 1/2 cup organic plan unsweetened yogurt (can substitute with plain soy or almond yogurt)
-12 frozen raspberries
-About 3/4 cup Pacific Natural Foods Hazelnut Non-Dairy Beverage
-Dash of cinnamon or chai spices
-1 small ripe banana
-1 tsp crushed frozen ginger (1 cube Dorot frozen ginger)


Combine ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve fresh (2 servings) or stash one serving in a covered glass in the fridge for later. Drink within 24hrs if stored in the fridge for best taste.


C-Blast Tangy Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie November 10, 2011

Save jars to bring your smoothies to-go! Just twist on the lid and tote to class/the office for an energizing snack.

Make it a good morning (or afternoon pick-me-up) with this Vitamin-C rich Tangy Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie.

A single kiwi provides more than 100% DV for Vitamin-C!



C-Blast Tangy Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie
with fresh kiwi, chilled strawberries, & banana

Amounts vary (add to taste). 2 servings.

1 Whole Kiwi
Handful Frozen Strawberries
1/2 Ripe Banana
3 tbsp organic Greek or European plain yogurt
1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk


1. Rinse kiwi. Slice kiwi in half and scoop out contents into blender. Discard skin.

2. Combine all other ingredients to taste. More liquid for a thinner drink, more frozen ingredients & less liquid for a thicker smoothie.

For a dairy-free version substitute yogurt with Amande dairy-free almond yogurt, or organic soy yogurt.

3. Blend until smooth. Serve freshly blended or keep chilled and store covered for up to 12 hours.

4. Chill out & enjoy!


Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie May 9, 2011

Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie

Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie

Take advantage of rhubarb, a red-stalked relative of celery that serves as a delicious contrast to sweet and citrus flavors, this spring while fresh stalks are out in farmer’s markets and supermarket produce stands. Low in calories and sugar and high in nutrients, rhubarb is a great addition to a healthy spring diet.

I prefer the pure tangy taste that you get without adding sugar but if you like your smoothies a bit sweeter try adding a teaspoon of honey or some very ripe melon (like cantaloupe or honeydew).


1 ripe banana
1 stalk fresh rhubarb
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup almond milk
2 tablespoons unsweetened non-fat yogurt

Extras (If you have them, these would also be great in this smoothie.)
melon (honeydew or cantaloupe)


Tastes of Spring Break: Fresh Veggie Omelet March 27, 2011

Erin made beautiful Fresh Veggie Omelets one morning.

We ate oatmeal with fruit and walnuts most mornings but my favorite breakfast was the day that Erin made some delicious omelets using fresh cilantro, tomatoes, bell pepper, and a dusting of cheese.

Nutrition Highlights:

A vegetable-packed omelet is a great way to get started on your daily veggie servings and begin your day with some protein. Eggs are a complete protein food (containing all nine essential amino acids) and are a good source of  vitamins B12 and Riboflavin, and minerals Phosphorus and Selenium.

To Lighten Up:

If you are watching your cholesterol or calories you can make these omelets using just egg whites (no yolk) and veggies (without cheese).

Try it At Home:

Fresh Veggie Omelet

Mix egg 2 eggs with milk and pour mixture onto a hot pan with olive or canola oil. Place chopped fresh veggies onto one side of the omelet once it starts to take shape (become less liquid and more solid). Flip the other half over and finish off by heating each side on the pan. Serve hot.

We loved the green bell peppers, tomato slices,chopped onion and cilantro. A dash of Frank’s Red Hot goes nicely with the dish as well.


Join the Trek! January 11, 2011

Get out that workout bag! Join Tufts Trek to Talloires to get a community of support for your fitness goals this spring.

Dust off those sneakers… If you’ve been hiding from the cold all break long it’s time to pick up that workout bag and get a move on spring fitness goals!

Tufts University’s Trek to Talloires Challenge offers a free online fitness logging program for Tufts students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents to help kick start a new year of health. The 2011 Trek officially launched on January 3rd, but it isn’t too late to join! I just signed up today and am looking forward to having the extra boost to meet my goals for this spring.

The program is part of the Healthy @ Tufts initiative.

Get ready keeping a workout bag packed and ready to go. Here’s a list of a few things to help you keep sweat in check, stay hydrated, and avoid picking up gym germs.

The Perfect Workout Bag: 5 Essentials to Tote to the Gym

Small hand towel
Mini hand sanitizer – Use before touching your phone or your face if you can’t make it to a sink to wash your hands
Water bottle– invest in a reusable bottle like stainless steel Klean Kanteen
Travel-sized face wash or pre-moistened facial cleansing cloths– help prevent breakouts by cleaning your face right after a workout
Extra hairband (ladies)/extra socks(guys)

Keep a ready-to-grab bag packed so you’ll be prepped to go whenever you have time to workout!

If you’re going to a gym where you’re planning on showering don’t forget flip flops! Tempted by drive-through windows on the way home? Pack a healthy snack like a handful of almonds and an apple to halt hunger instead. If you’re walking home on campus plan ahead to have a healthy post-workout snack or meal in mind.


Buddy Up for a Great New Year of Fitness December 30, 2010

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Working out with a friend can make exercise a fun, social event to look forward to and can help keep you accountable for days when you feel tempted to skip it. Find a friend who you think will be motivating and make a plan together with an exact day (or days) and time that you can schedule workout dates. Whether its a group exercise class, time in the gym, or a brisk walk around campus, putting your workout on your schedule and a having a friend to keep you accountable will help you achieve your workout goals this year.

A message from Tufts Student Resources (TSR) Fitness:

NEW YEAR’S Special:
Buddy Up for Better Fitness
Sale starts now and ends January 3rd at noon (on Boston time.)

Order your TSR Fitness Pass today and get a free gift pass for your friend! Offer valid for the Unlimited Class Pass and individual class passes. (Not valid on 5-Class Pass). How to get in on the deal: Order your pass today through January 3rd at noon and email the name and email of your friend you are gifting a pass to at You must email the name and email of your friend to us by noon on January 3rd for them to receive the free pass.

Limited quantities of each individual class pass available, order today! Your friend will be given the same unlimited pass that you purchased (EXCLUDES 5 class passes- if your individual class unlimited pass comes with a 5-class pass you will receive the 5-class pass but your friend will ONLY receive the unlimited pass to the class you purchased) and will be sent an email informing them of your gift on January 5th.

Order your TSR Fitness pass today at


Workout with More Free Music December 29, 2010

If you missed my original “How to Score Great Free Music” post you can find it here.

Here’s another site to add to the list:Iggy N Scratchy presents: From Russia With Club

Iggy (Tufts ’10) features hours worth of music sets that you can download for free from his blog site. Just click on the orange text within the post that says the name of the set to download. Thanks Iggy for the free music!


How to Score Great Free Workout Music November 13, 2010

If your iTunes library is feeling a little bit lack-luster, you can’t stand to listen to the same workout playlist for the 97th time, but your occupation of student hasn’t left you with much extra cash for new music, rejoice. Here are a few ways to give your playlist a tune-up just in time to get fit for the holidays.

For me, a great workout playlist can make all the difference in the world for how far and fast I can run. Without music you might as well tell me to go swimming in the sand.

3 Great FREE (and 100% Legal) Ways to Score New Music

1. Free on iTunes

Every week, iTunes features 3-4 new free songs that you can download like any other purchase (but without a charge). Just click on your iTunes Store, click on “Music” in the top left hand corner of the page, then click on “Free on iTunes” in the right hand bar. New songs are released every Tuesday. I don’t always like all of the songs featured but I have definitely stumbled upon a few that I love (including one that I had been searching for months before it was released on iTunes only to happily discover its release and get it free!)

2. DJ Earworm

I tried to find the United States of Pop mashup that was on the radio around New Year’s on iTunes to use as a warm-up for my cardio class but was disappointed that it wasn’t listed at the time I first heard it on the radio. This summer I decided to search again because I heard that DJ Earworm had a website that you could download his songs from. I assumed that this would mean paying for the songs but was pleasantly surprised that all of the downloads are free! There seems to be a legal loophole for podcasts because they are generally only taking remixed fragments of songs and piecing them together without trying to sell or profit from them. I found the most recent United States of Pop as well as several other great workout songs on his website.

3. DJ Rob Resnick 

(Note 5/4/2012– looks like Rob is too busy with Timeflies to keep up with this site now! Skip to #4!)

Tufts very own DJ Rob Resnick (Tufts ’11) now known for Timeflies started out with these sets before the concert tours. Rob’s sets make for fantastic workout music. His Summer Set I is my absolute favorite playlist to jog with because he uses fun, upbeat songs that change fast enough that even the most music ADD listener won’t get bored. You can download many of his remixes and sets for free from his website.

4. SHAPE Magazine Free Workout Playlist Download (added to post 12/2011)

Score tracks made famous by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna with this SHAPE free exercise mix! Great up-tempo beat for cardio workouts.

If you know of other great (legal) free music sites, please share them in your comments to this post!