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Tufts Healthy Week April 1, 2011

Check out the great events taking place next week (Monday, April 4th through Friday, April 8th) for Tufts Healthy Week presented by Public Health at Tufts (PHAT).

Healthy Week Events


Back to School Shape-Up with TSR Fitness Free Week January 22, 2011

Join TSR Fitness for our semester kick-off week with free classes all week long! Monday (1/24) through Saturday (1/29). All classes are held in the Hill Hall Aerobics Room. If you are doing Tufts Trek to Talloires program here is a great way to get in some workout hours!

Get a kick-start to fitness this week. Health is beautiful.


12pm Power Yoga with Aleta
4:30pm Caliente Cardio Dance with Andi (assisted by Cristina)
5:30pm Total Body Toning with Laura

5pm Boot Camp with Brian
6pm Cardio Kickboxing with Lanie

6pm Fit Circuit with Allison (assisted by Duncan)
7pm Intermediate Vinyassa Yoga with Alexandra (assisted by Aleta)

1pm Pilates with Sarah (assisted by Lanie)
6pm Cardio & Toning with Rosie (assisted by Cristina)

10:30am Caliente Cardio Dance with Andi (assisted by Sarah)

10am Yoga 101 with Natalia

Join TSR Fitness on facebook:


Join the Trek! January 11, 2011

Get out that workout bag! Join Tufts Trek to Talloires to get a community of support for your fitness goals this spring.

Dust off those sneakers… If you’ve been hiding from the cold all break long it’s time to pick up that workout bag and get a move on spring fitness goals!

Tufts University’s Trek to Talloires Challenge offers a free online fitness logging program for Tufts students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents to help kick start a new year of health. The 2011 Trek officially launched on January 3rd, but it isn’t too late to join! I just signed up today and am looking forward to having the extra boost to meet my goals for this spring.

The program is part of the Healthy @ Tufts initiative.

Get ready keeping a workout bag packed and ready to go. Here’s a list of a few things to help you keep sweat in check, stay hydrated, and avoid picking up gym germs.

The Perfect Workout Bag: 5 Essentials to Tote to the Gym

Small hand towel
Mini hand sanitizer – Use before touching your phone or your face if you can’t make it to a sink to wash your hands
Water bottle– invest in a reusable bottle like stainless steel Klean Kanteen
Travel-sized face wash or pre-moistened facial cleansing cloths– help prevent breakouts by cleaning your face right after a workout
Extra hairband (ladies)/extra socks(guys)

Keep a ready-to-grab bag packed so you’ll be prepped to go whenever you have time to workout!

If you’re going to a gym where you’re planning on showering don’t forget flip flops! Tempted by drive-through windows on the way home? Pack a healthy snack like a handful of almonds and an apple to halt hunger instead. If you’re walking home on campus plan ahead to have a healthy post-workout snack or meal in mind.


Buddy Up for a Great New Year of Fitness December 30, 2010

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Working out with a friend can make exercise a fun, social event to look forward to and can help keep you accountable for days when you feel tempted to skip it. Find a friend who you think will be motivating and make a plan together with an exact day (or days) and time that you can schedule workout dates. Whether its a group exercise class, time in the gym, or a brisk walk around campus, putting your workout on your schedule and a having a friend to keep you accountable will help you achieve your workout goals this year.

A message from Tufts Student Resources (TSR) Fitness:

NEW YEAR’S Special:
Buddy Up for Better Fitness
Sale starts now and ends January 3rd at noon (on Boston time.)

Order your TSR Fitness Pass today and get a free gift pass for your friend! Offer valid for the Unlimited Class Pass and individual class passes. (Not valid on 5-Class Pass). How to get in on the deal: Order your pass today through January 3rd at noon and email the name and email of your friend you are gifting a pass to at You must email the name and email of your friend to us by noon on January 3rd for them to receive the free pass.

Limited quantities of each individual class pass available, order today! Your friend will be given the same unlimited pass that you purchased (EXCLUDES 5 class passes- if your individual class unlimited pass comes with a 5-class pass you will receive the 5-class pass but your friend will ONLY receive the unlimited pass to the class you purchased) and will be sent an email informing them of your gift on January 5th.

Order your TSR Fitness pass today at


How to Score Great Free Workout Music November 13, 2010

If your iTunes library is feeling a little bit lack-luster, you can’t stand to listen to the same workout playlist for the 97th time, but your occupation of student hasn’t left you with much extra cash for new music, rejoice. Here are a few ways to give your playlist a tune-up just in time to get fit for the holidays.

For me, a great workout playlist can make all the difference in the world for how far and fast I can run. Without music you might as well tell me to go swimming in the sand.

3 Great FREE (and 100% Legal) Ways to Score New Music

1. Free on iTunes

Every week, iTunes features 3-4 new free songs that you can download like any other purchase (but without a charge). Just click on your iTunes Store, click on “Music” in the top left hand corner of the page, then click on “Free on iTunes” in the right hand bar. New songs are released every Tuesday. I don’t always like all of the songs featured but I have definitely stumbled upon a few that I love (including one that I had been searching for months before it was released on iTunes only to happily discover its release and get it free!)

2. DJ Earworm

I tried to find the United States of Pop mashup that was on the radio around New Year’s on iTunes to use as a warm-up for my cardio class but was disappointed that it wasn’t listed at the time I first heard it on the radio. This summer I decided to search again because I heard that DJ Earworm had a website that you could download his songs from. I assumed that this would mean paying for the songs but was pleasantly surprised that all of the downloads are free! There seems to be a legal loophole for podcasts because they are generally only taking remixed fragments of songs and piecing them together without trying to sell or profit from them. I found the most recent United States of Pop as well as several other great workout songs on his website.

3. DJ Rob Resnick 

(Note 5/4/2012– looks like Rob is too busy with Timeflies to keep up with this site now! Skip to #4!)

Tufts very own DJ Rob Resnick (Tufts ’11) now known for Timeflies started out with these sets before the concert tours. Rob’s sets make for fantastic workout music. His Summer Set I is my absolute favorite playlist to jog with because he uses fun, upbeat songs that change fast enough that even the most music ADD listener won’t get bored. You can download many of his remixes and sets for free from his website.

4. SHAPE Magazine Free Workout Playlist Download (added to post 12/2011)

Score tracks made famous by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna with this SHAPE free exercise mix! Great up-tempo beat for cardio workouts.

If you know of other great (legal) free music sites, please share them in your comments to this post!


TSR Fitness: Get Fit For the Holidays Sale November 4, 2010

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TSR Fitness is holding a November “Get Fit for the Holidays” Sale today and tomorrow. Until 11:59pm on 11/5/10 all 5-Class Passes are Buy One, Get One Free! Get in on the deal to boost your workout routine for the season: here.

Get out of your cold weather workout rut buy taking some fun, indoor fitness classes!


TSR Fitness Announces “Fit-T Week” October 8, 2010

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TSR Fitness “FitT” Week

TSR Fitness is hosting its second semiannual “FitT” week at the end of October (10/25-10/30). During this week, the TSR Fitness T-Shirts are essentially golden tickets to get into all of TSR Fitness’ 11 weekly classes for free. With the shirts costing $10/pop you would need to attend two classes for the tee to pay for itself.

After the week, TSR holds periodic “FitT” days in which students get into select classes for free by sporting their shirts. The week was a big success last year, and students who have last year’s design will be able to wear these shirts again to enjoy the free classes!

Where to find them? All shirt orders are online through TSR’s website.


Tufts Active Minds & National Mental Health Week October 7, 2010

A healthy diet and adequate exercise are certainly important tools to improving your mood. Exercise is an amazing stress-buster and maintaining a balanced diet with adequate nutrients can prevent feeling poorly due to deficiencies. Some nutrients, such as the fat-soluble vitamin D, are related to problems students commonly experience like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I will do a full post on vitamin D later this month. For now I will just say that mental health is complex and involves a balance of many factors.

Thankfully, there is a wonderful student group on campus that champions the cause of mental well-being: Tufts Active Minds. This week, Tufts Active Minds is promoting National Mental Health Week. At Tufts Active Minds’ request, the TSR Fitness yoga classes are free this week to support the week (if you missed Monday’s you can still make it 10am on Saturday).

More info from Tufts Active Minds:

Active Minds is the only organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses.  By developing and supporting chapters of a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group on campuses, the organization works to increase students? awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as liaison between students and the mental health community.

The Mental Health week is an event filled which happens the first week of every October to bring awareness to different issues of mental health. Active Minds chapters across the country host activities, speakers, meetings, demonstrations, etc. to make the conversation about mental health more visible on college campuses. This all fits into the larger mission of opening up healthy conversation about mental health while promoting self-care and healthy living.


Events today! September 15, 2010

Events today to check out:

  • Farmer’s Market: Lower Patio of the Campus Center 11am-2pm.
  • TSR Fitness Free Week Preview Classes: 6-7pm Caliente Cardio Dance and 7-8pm Pilates
  • Tufts Culinary Society GIM: 9pm in Barnum 008

Get Moving! September 12, 2010

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Amplify your healthy eating effects by breaking away from your computer and desk chair to enjoy an endorphin-packed hour of exercise.

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to start exercising here it is: TSR Fitness (Tufts student-run fitness organization) is hosting its traditional semester kick-off “FREE WEEK” this week. This Monday through Saturday enjoy yoga, pilates, kickboxing, cardio dance and many others (11 weekly classes total) compliments of Tufts Student Resources. You can email for a schedule.


Dinner Tonight September 11, 2010

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It was a busy night in the 410s kitchen. My suite-mates and I decided to make an evening of preparing our farmer’s market gems, yielding delicious dinners for tonight and plenty of ready-to-grab healthy food for the next few days. Rosemary-roasted squash, black bean cilantro hummus, and a strawberry 5-veggie salad  were among the mix.

Snow peas, carrots, zucchini, yellow bell pepper, asparagus, white beans, and goat cheese. Dressed with olive oil, white vinegar and fresh lemon juice. Topped with fresh strawberry slices (not shown).



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When you think of “healthy food” what are the flavors that come to mind? When you think of “unhealthy food” what tastes do you envision?  For the longest time the sweetest, most savory and decadent flavors I could imagine fell tragically into the “unhealthy” category. It’s not that I disliked healthy foods or ate lots of junk at any point that I can remember (don’t worry Mom, I loved all of the healthy home-cooked meals that I grew up on), but I still most looked forward to the “treats.”  I have now, however,  just begun to discover just how much flavor can be born of herbs and spices instead of butter and salt and my entire perspective on food has changed.

The language we use to categorize our food sends often self-fulfilling suggestions to our taste buds; A creamy Belgium double chocolate layer cake by any other name does not taste as sweet. If you’ve ever had a really bad chocolate chip cookie and allowed yourself to look past the preconceived notion that a cookie should taste good, you’ll be able to relate to the moment that it dawned on me that the crumbly, cardboard-like, pastry in my hand was certainly no “treat.” When I think about a poorly done dessert (usually for me this is the packaged kind that has a shelf-life of about 500x the lifespan of something I could bake) that is caloric and yet virtually flavorless, and then think about a piece of cold, ripe, juicy summer watermelon, packed with both flavor and nutrients, it is obvious which is the real treat and which is the pretender.

This blog is devoted to rich, complex, and wonderful flavors of real food. My goal is to erase the neurological pathways that exist erroneously in our minds to suggest that “healthy” and “bland” are synonymous. Any recipes, articles, and comments you would like to share to help me reach this goal are welcomed. Dig in!