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How to Score Great Free Workout Music November 13, 2010

If your iTunes library is feeling a little bit lack-luster, you can’t stand to listen to the same workout playlist for the 97th time, but your occupation of student hasn’t left you with much extra cash for new music, rejoice. Here are a few ways to give your playlist a tune-up just in time to get fit for the holidays.

For me, a great workout playlist can make all the difference in the world for how far and fast I can run. Without music you might as well tell me to go swimming in the sand.

3 Great FREE (and 100% Legal) Ways to Score New Music

1. Free on iTunes

Every week, iTunes features 3-4 new free songs that you can download like any other purchase (but without a charge). Just click on your iTunes Store, click on “Music” in the top left hand corner of the page, then click on “Free on iTunes” in the right hand bar. New songs are released every Tuesday. I don’t always like all of the songs featured but I have definitely stumbled upon a few that I love (including one that I had been searching for months before it was released on iTunes only to happily discover its release and get it free!)

2. DJ Earworm

I tried to find the United States of Pop mashup that was on the radio around New Year’s on iTunes to use as a warm-up for my cardio class but was disappointed that it wasn’t listed at the time I first heard it on the radio. This summer I decided to search again because I heard that DJ Earworm had a website that you could download his songs from. I assumed that this would mean paying for the songs but was pleasantly surprised that all of the downloads are free! There seems to be a legal loophole for podcasts because they are generally only taking remixed fragments of songs and piecing them together without trying to sell or profit from them. I found the most recent United States of Pop as well as several other great workout songs on his website.

3. DJ Rob Resnick 

(Note 5/4/2012– looks like Rob is too busy with Timeflies to keep up with this site now! Skip to #4!)

Tufts very own DJ Rob Resnick (Tufts ’11) now known for Timeflies started out with these sets before the concert tours. Rob’s sets make for fantastic workout music. His Summer Set I is my absolute favorite playlist to jog with because he uses fun, upbeat songs that change fast enough that even the most music ADD listener won’t get bored. You can download many of his remixes and sets for free from his website.

4. SHAPE Magazine Free Workout Playlist Download (added to post 12/2011)

Score tracks made famous by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna with this SHAPE free exercise mix! Great up-tempo beat for cardio workouts.

If you know of other great (legal) free music sites, please share them in your comments to this post!


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