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Corn Shucking for a Cause September 22, 2010

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Tufts Dining, Tufts Culinary Society (TCS), and Tufts Student Gardeners joined forces today to put on a grand corn shucking event at lunch. 800 ears of corn were shucked by students as they passed through on their way to lunch in Carmichael and Dewick Dining Halls. For each ear of corn shucked, Tufts Dining is donating $.25 to Tufts Student Garden.  TCS co-presidents Carla Roberts and Brent Abel were helping out on the scene (Brent sporting some nifty overalls to get into the day’s theme) as well as several other TCS and Tufts Student Gardener Club members.

With more students' help, the shucking continues

All of the corn came locally from Deerfield, MA

Some students were timid to shuck their first ear but others dove right in. I found that we have some experienced shuckers on campus.

Students Shucking Corn at Today's Event

Brent with his Farmer's Overalls

Maggie and Carla Keep the Action Going

The corn will be cooked and served tonight for dinner with a tasty chipotle butter.


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