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Healthy Dessert 4: 5-Minute Baked Apple November 30, 2010

Healthy 5-minute Baked Apple: small fresh apple, a few drops of honey, generous dash of cinnamon, splash of lemon juice.

5-Minute Healthy Dessert: Microwave Baked Apple

My friend Ken Lee has made some delicious slow-cooked baked apples this semester (which he very generously has invited my suite to come and eat). I really enjoyed them and decided that I should find a recipe to make more on my own.

I took ideas from a few and put this one together. It turned out really well and was extremely easy to make.

Try it At Home

1. Take an apple and cut out the core. If you have a specific tool to do this, use it, but if don’t have one you can just carefully cut out the core with a knife.  Place it in a non-plastic microwavable container with a lid (I used a glass bowl and covered it with a glass plate).

2. Sprinkle with a generous dash of cinnamon and just a faint dash of nutmeg.  Add a dash of brown sugar or honey and a splash of lemon juice in the middle.

3. Cover and microwave on high for 4 minutes.

Optional Extras: You can also add oats for some added crunch and texture. If you add them, carefully remove the lid (it will be very hot) and sprinkle in the oats after 3 minutes so that they cook for the last minute. If you prefer crunchier oats, you can add them on top at the end and if you really want to get fancy, toss in some chopped pecans or almond slices.

Thanks Ken for the inspiration!