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Bhakti Yoga Club Indian Cooking Lessons April 14, 2011

Every other Thursday night this semester, Tufts students can get a refreshing look into Indian cooking through a free class offered by Bhakti Yoga Club with support and promotional help from Tufts Culinary Society. Taught by a couple who enjoying sharing what they have learned about healthy, wholesome eating and living, the “BEST cooking classes” teach students how to properly wash and prepare delicious vegetarian meals. After cooking, everyone eats together and often enjoy and engaging discussion. The next session is tonight! Check out the BYC email describing tonight’s class:

A dish from last time's event (Thanks to Lily Black for the iphone photos!)

The Tufts Culinary Society and Bhakti Yoga Club at Tufts jointly present the next session of  BEST cooking class on Apr 14 (THURSDAY).

The theme for this session is North Indian. The menu comprises the following:

* Tapioca pulao
* Mango lassi (a delicious yoghurt drink)

Venue: Carmichael Hall Kitchen
Time: 7:15pm

This is a FREE event. To help us organize the event better, we would appreciate if you could simply reply to this email with subject “Register for Cooking Class” or submit your information using the following link:


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