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TCS & Tufts Dining Meat Workshop with Chef Justin February 27, 2011

Along with explaining the differences between various cuts of meat, Tufts Dining Chef Justin teaches students to make an endive and radicchio salad with fresh parmesan.

Present: February Meat Workshop

Last Thursday, TCS & Tufts Dining Services teamed up to bring students a hands-on cooking learning experience led by Dining Services Chef Justin. This session’s topic: meat. Students were introduced to flank steak, hanger steak (the Chef’s favorite), New York Strip, and–the surprise of the evening–cow’s cheek. Grilling, searing, and braising methods were just a few to be discussed. Justin also discussed grass vs. corn-fed beef and the environmental and cooking implications that go with each kind. Students sampled one grass-fed and one corn-fed variety of two identical cuts of meats (prepared identically) and were challenged to guess which was which.

Justin gave students cooking tips throughout the evening and got them involved in the cooking process. Meats were sampled throughout the demo and at the end of the evening, everyone sat down to a delicious dinner.

Pasta with tomatoes swiss chard, and meat, was served with the potatoes and salad at dinner.

Evan Cooper and Mackenzie Loy get hands on stuffing roasted potatoes with roasted garlic cloves.

Fresh vegetables, including tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, and swiss chard were neatly displayed by the meats as students entered the kitchen.

Tufts Dining Chef Justin teaches Tufts students tips for making tasty meat dishes


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