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Brunch Today with the Fox Den Breakfast Club February 27, 2011

Photo by Louise Blavet (as seen on the FDBC website)

I had the fun of joining Tufts Juniors Luke and Quin today for brunch at the Fox Den Breakfast Club. Luke and Quin host 8 Tufts students for a fantastic morning of food and conversation each week in their home. Alix Boulud, founder of Tufts Culinary Society, introduced me to the “underground restaurant” (which materializes every Sunday at 11:30am this semester) during a recent TCS e- board meeting.  Alix and Alex attended a brunch two weeks ago and came back with glowing reviews. Luke and Quin did not disappoint. Thanks for a great brunch!

Today’s Menu
Homemade yogurt with fennel seeds, mango, and a hint of caramel
Freshly baked banana and toasted coconut muffins
Scrambled eggs with local homemade chorizo
Plantain and black bean hash
Ginger and tamarind sorbet

Get a taste for the Fox Den Breakfast Club, see photos and past menus, and make plans to visit yourself. Check out their website here.


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