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Never-A-Dull-Moment Tofu February 22, 2011

Scrumptious Tofu

Garlic takes center stage to make this sauteed tofu dish so flavorful that even the meat-loving crowd won’t miss a thing.

Never-A-Dull-Moment Tofu

Several cloves fresh garlic
Garlic panko (Japanese style breadcrumbs)
Extra firm tofu (look for calcium-fortified)
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Fresh basil (a couple of leaves)
Dill (fresh or dried)
Fresh broccoli
Fresh sliced mushrooms
Turmeric (a dash)

I threw this dish together last week for lunch without carefully noting my amounts or precise method to make this lunch. If you try it out please share the amounts of each ingredient that worked for you in a post comment. I will try to note these next time I make the dish.

In essence you heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil on medium high heat in a large skillet and add the extra firm tofu (cut into bite-sized squares) and garlic (minced and crushed).  Stir in the remaining ingredients to taste after the garlic and tofu have cooked for about 5 minutes. When the broccoli is a bright green (without becoming too soft) and the tofu is slightly browned your dish will be ready to serve.

Pairs well with arugula salad.


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