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Breakfast: Healthy French Toast November 16, 2010

This filling, tasty breakfast is both healthy and easy to make! It only takes about 5 minutes to prepare.

5 Minute French Toast

I have to thank Erin for teaching me how to make French toast this semester. Unless you are trying to watch your cholesterol intake, I don’t necessarily think that egg whites are better or “healthier” than regular eggs. Egg whites do have less calories, fat, and cholesterol, so if you are trying to limit these components, egg whites can be helpful but the yolk of an egg (along with the calories) is also packed with nutrients so for someone without cholesterol issues who leads an active lifestyle I think regular eggs are also a great choice. My sister Hilary would be the first one to tell you that I don’t normally like eggs (she’s always making wonderful healthy eggs and omelets for breakfast but for some reason I don’t like the egg smell) but I have found that there are a few ways that I enjoy them.

French Toast, thanks to a quick French Toast tutorial from my suite-mate Erin (who happens to have lived in France for most of her life), is now my new favorite way to use eggs. Basically, French toast is about as easy as it gets to make. You just add eggs and milk to a pan with a little bit of oil and add the bread. The toppings then are up to you and your taste preferences.

Here is the 5 Minute Healthy Tasty Version that I made for breakfast:

1) Heat small pan (just larger than a slice of bread) on stove top to medium to high heat with about 1 tsp olive oil.
2) Pour in just a very light coating of egg whites and skim milk, stir with spatula, and immediately immerse a piece of whole grain bread. Allow the bread to soak in a little bit over half of the liquid in the pan then flip over with spatula so the other side soaks in the rest.
4) Add a generous sprinkling of cinnamon and a small drizzle of honey (less than 1 tsp) as you allow each side to cook until they reach the crispness you desire.
5) Transfer to plate and top with walnuts and a few raisins.

If you can’t drink or don’t like milk, almond milk works really well as a substitution.


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