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Healthy Dessert 3: Sweet Cinnamon Turmeric Plantain November 15, 2010

Pan-Fried Sweet Cinnamon Turmeric Plantain

Pan-fried Sweet Cinnamon Turmeric Plantain: Add ~1tsp olive oil to pan and set at medium to high heat. Slice a fresh, ripe plantain and add slices to pan. Top with powdered cinnamon and turmeric and just a dash of brown sugar or honey. Go easy on the turmeric, which gives the dish the bright yellow color and is a strongly anti-inflammatory spice. The fresh ripe plantain actually started off with a mild yellow color with an almost peachy hue.

Learn more about plantain (which is similar but not the same as a banana) and how to use it in one of my all-time-favorite smoothies here.


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