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Tufts Dining Interactive Nutritive Analysis November 3, 2010


Tufts Dining Interactive Nutritive Analysis

Interested in learning more about what you eat? Arielle Carpenter A’10 helped to put together an online system for Tufts last year that would help students access the nutrition information of Tufts Dining foods. Keep a notebook and pen with you for a day or even a  meal and jot down the foods you eat and the amounts you ate them. Then fill in the amounts on Tufts Nutritive Analysis Program. Are you getting enough fiber? How much saturated fat are you eating in a typical lunch? Get an idea of which foods you may need more of and which to enjoy in smaller amounts.

1) Visit and click on the dining location.


Tufts Nutritive Anaylsis Menu View, Click on the Apple to get the nutrition facts for each menu item.

2) Click on the apple above the meal you want to look up.


After you click the apple, this screen will appear. Check the box on the left of the item, fill in the quantity, then get you report.

3) To see a total meal nutritive analysis summary, you can check off all of the items and quantities at once. You can also just click on individual items to see the nutritional qualities of each food item.  The menus are listed days in advance so you can look up foods and plan menus based on your personal needs.



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