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Balsamic Chicken Drumettes & Veggie Pasta Marinara October 28, 2010

My suitemate, Andrea Wang, cooked us a delicious, savory dinner last night: Balsamic Chicken Drumettes & Pasta with Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Leeks and Marinara Sauce.

Chicken Drumette & Marinara Pasta Dinner

Try it at Home:

Follow the recipe Andrea likes for Balsamic Chicken Drumettes here.

Make your own pasta and add fresh veggies such as the organic green bell pepper, mushrooms and leek Andrea used. For best flavor, saute the veggies in olive oil separately from boiling your pasta and add them to the pasta once it has already been cooked. You can add your marinara sauce to the veggies in the saute pan when they are nearly cooked.

Local flavor: The bell pepper and leek were from Tufts on Campus Farmer’s Market which featured all local (and mostly organic) produce.


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