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Now In Season: Pomegranates October 25, 2010

You can eat pomegranate arils fresh or frozen (shown here). They are a juicy, refreshing, low-calorie snack.

Now In Season: Pomegranates

Often revered as a “superfruit” the pomegranate may not actually have superpowers but it is a nutritious, refreshing snack and a fun fruit to add to your fall menu. I had the privilege of having brunch today in the home of an excellent cook who taught me the secret to cutting a fresh pomegranate without making a huge mess (pomegranate juice stains).

His secret: cut the fruit in half then break it open while submerged in water. Instead of splattering juice everywhere as you extract the seeds (the part of the plant that you eat) you can keep everything in the water bowl in your sink then scoop out the seeds when you’re done. They will be ready to eat and enjoy!

If you’re short on time you can also buy frozen pomegranate seeds and either thaw them or eat them chilled.

Just 1/2 cup of pomegranate arils (technically this is the name for the seeds plus the juice sacs) provides an good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber.


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