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TSR Fitness Announces “Fit-T Week” October 8, 2010

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TSR Fitness “FitT” Week

TSR Fitness is hosting its second semiannual “FitT” week at the end of October (10/25-10/30). During this week, the TSR Fitness T-Shirts are essentially golden tickets to get into all of TSR Fitness’ 11 weekly classes for free. With the shirts costing $10/pop you would need to attend two classes for the tee to pay for itself.

After the week, TSR holds periodic “FitT” days in which students get into select classes for free by sporting their shirts. The week was a big success last year, and students who have last year’s design will be able to wear these shirts again to enjoy the free classes!

Where to find them? All shirt orders are online through TSR’s website.


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