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Jumbo Steps: Supporting Students with Food & Fitness October 6, 2010

If you were in Dewick at lunch time today. You probably noticed that things were a little different in the lobby. Yoga mats spread across the floor, music playing, and students stretching turned the heads of many passing by. Why yoga in the cafeteria? Thanks to several TSR Fitness instructors, Aleta, Duncan and Rosie, we were able to launch our first kick-off event today to announce a new program for students who want to learn to eat healthier and to fit fitness into a busy schedule.

Introducing JUMBO STEPS. This free program is designed to give students the boost they need to make this semester one that builds a foundation of healthy lifestyle habits. I am working with Tufts Dietitian, Julie Lampie, R.D., with TSR Fitness and with Tufts Personalized Performance Program (TP3), to offer a comprehensive program for nutrition and fitness.

We borrowed yoga mats from TSR Fitness for the Jumbo Steps Kick-Off Event

We will be starting the program soon and are looking for a small group of students willing to commit to making strides in their health this semester. If you are interested in joining please contact me at for more info!


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