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China Town Adventure October 3, 2010

Eggplant with Basil at the Dumpling House in China Town

Andrea and I enjoyed another food adventure yesterday as we sampled and toured China Town right next door to Tufts Boston campus. Persuaded by the crowd of people waiting for a chance to eat in the Dumpling House (not to mention the wall filled with photos of celebrity patrons including Kate Hudson) we decided to give it a try.

The host was very much amused by the fact that Andrea and I have the same name, which to his delight was also spelled the same way, (although pronounced differently) and repeatedly would address our party so that “Andrea” would mean he was talking to both of us.

“Andrea, you can sit over here.” At first, because the place was packed, he seated us at a larger table together with a couple who was also waiting. I cannot remember the last time I’ve shared a table at a restaurant with strangers and decided that this only added to the charm of the experience but just as we got our soup we were again moved, this time to a table to ourselves. “Andrea, would you like to move here? Lot’s of room for you to spread out.”

Hot soup and tea served before our meal

The staff was friendly and welcoming and the food did not disappoint. We ordered two plates and shared them: eggplant with basil and a sweet and sour chicken. Although we agreed that Andrew Zimmern would have chosen the place next door (featuring roasted suckling pig, cow tongue, and other delicacies) for a bit more exotic adventure, I was very happy with our choice.

After lunch, we walked through some local grocery stores in search of green tea powder (which I use in smoothies), and some roasted seaweed (which is a delicious snack).

We found far more than we were looking for, dragon fruit, whole ducks, pork feet, and other fare we don’t normally see at Trader Joes definitely caught our attention. I wound up going home with a box of goji berries, tahini (sesame paste that I wanted for making humus), roasted seaweed and coconut milk (for a future recipe).

Roasted seaweed, goji berries, and sesame paste

Us at the Dumpling House

Have your own China Town Adventure:

What to bring:
-Some cash (many of the restaurants are cash only)
– A camera (but be aware that there are no photo signs in some of the grocery stores)

How to get there:
-Take the Red Line from Davis towards Braintree and get off at Downtown Crossing.
-Take the Orange Line towards Forest Hills and get off at China Town or New England Medical Center (they’re both close)


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