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Learn to Cook September 12, 2010

Last spring, Professor Spielberg introduced me to a new show that was all the rage in the CH program: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I was glued to Hulu for the next few days as Jamie took viewers inside the American school food system where french fries are considered vegetables and flavored milks reign supreme. Along with transforming school lunches, Jamie’s goal was to spark American’s to get back in touch with their kitchens. In short, learn to cook.

Whether you have 4 years, 1 year, or a semester left at Tufts, don’t leave the hill without some confidence in the kitchen. Jamie would want all of us to at least master a basic stir-fry. Here’s your chance: Tufts Culinary Society (TCS) is hosting its General Interest Meeting this Wednesday (9/15) night. Join TCS in Barnum 008 at 9pm to learn more about the group. Can’t make it? Join the facebook page to stay connected for future events.

If you’re curious about the show, it’s no longer on Hulu but I found a link on YouTube that you can check out here.


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